How I got my #28c3 tickets @ccc today

I preloaded my account with the tickets I needed, then at 15:59 I started this script:


while [ 1 ]; do
wget -q -T 10 -O out --load-cookies=cookie -U "`cat ua`" --post-file=postdata --no-check-certificate
if [ -s out ]; then
grep -q "Confirm Order" out || exit
rm -f out
sleep 1
echo Retrying...

The script succeeded at 16:15. 🙂

2 comments on “How I got my #28c3 tickets @ccc today

  1. Nice, i was just trying the same using autohotkey script,but can’t get through.
    Anychance you can get more and resell, that will make you a nice benefit ! contact me if u can/want, i’m in berlin with cash atm

  2. I only got the tickets I needed, sorry. It seems the “lottery” makes sure only the technically skilled get tickets.

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